Cliff Chiang Wonder Woman Cover Art Issue #11 – a fan Review of #8

via: Fashion and Action: Wonder Woman Comics – Cliff Chiang – Inside #8 & Cover #11.

And a nice review of Wonder Woman #8 by Too Dangerous for Girl

Wearing armour newly forged by Hephaestus, and carrying ‘love guns’ borrowed from Eros, Diana journeys to the realm of Lord Hades, guided by Hermes. They’re out to rescue Zola, the young woman carrying the child of Zeus.

Hades isn’t what Diana expects. Rather than a fiery place of screaming souls, it’s a silent, twilight version of the London she calls home. But, Hermes explains, the dead are all around them, forming the very landscape, the buildings, reflecting the whims of Lord Hades.

And they’re not unwilling – these souls are happy to serve Hades, happy to attack Diana and Hermes. With Diana fully equipped and Hermes no longer lame, though, they’re no easy pickings. Diana is a spitfire, taking down the monstrous warriors with her sword, while Hermes shows just what the clawed feet of a bird can do….read the rest

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