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If you were following our Facebook postings from Toy Fair 2012 you’ll love this detailed report from Char of Doll Diaries. Char is someone we first met on Twitter I think, and we have become fast friends ever since. She’s interviewed Jason and Robert about Tonner Toys, and was won over by the LittleMissMatched Girls. Her blog is full of life and enthusiasm and she fills #dollchat with great joy. If you love doll collecting you’ll love Char. She is definitely someone to subscribe to. So take a look at her fantastic coverage of both the Tonner Toys and Tonner Doll Toy Fair 2012, a few inside scoops.

A Few Tonner Toys City Girls, Maudlynne Pics

“I was so excited to see the new line of 16″ fashion dolls that Tonner Toys will be releasing later this year – City Girls. These beauties are definitely more sophisticated than other fashion dolls on the market and they make the perfect lead in to fashion doll collecting with a price point that will be comfortable for many doll enthusiasts….” read more

“Meet Maudlynne! She is a quirky little girl whose best friend is a ghost named Victoria. Maudlynne has the same body as the Little Miss Matched dolls. I got a real treat as Jason took Victoria out of a box from under the table to show me. Victoria was not on display as her prototype was not quite right yet. What I can tell you is that she is super cute!…” read more

And Hanging with Robert at the Tonner Booth

“This is a photo of more pop culture inspired collectible dolls by Robert Tonner – from left to right Tron, Catwoman in the middle and then Beetlejuice and the Corpse Bride on the right. As I was taking the photos of the Tonner Dolls, my camera card decided to quit!! Yikes!! Luckily if you go to Cool Toy Review, they got a ton of great photos from the Tonner booth that you can look at…” read more

Toy Fair 2012 Report – Hanging Out in the Tonner Dolls Booth — Doll Diaries.

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