How Do We Choose Which DC Comic Character Figure to Do? – Our Guest Post

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Our comic blogging friend over at asked us to write a guest blog post for her DC comic blog and it sounded great. It was a great opportunity to talk about something not everybody knows about, and also to get some of our readers better acquainted with her blog. Below is the beginning of the article with a pic of our very sharp design director Joe Petrollese and a Starfire cell. If you want to read the rest of this fascinating subject – we cover not only how we decide on a new character, but also answer why we have so many female comic Character Figures – hop on over to the blog to read the rest. is a great source of up to the minute developments in and commentary on the DC world.

Our post: How We Select Which DC Characters Tonner Will Do

When asked us to do a blog post on how DC characters are selected to become Tonner Character Figures a few of us in the Tonner offices got pretty excited. It seemed like a chance to tell a story that isn’t talked about much. And believe it or not, some longtime employees were actually interested in the answer themselves, not knowing completely how this comes about. So, in a way, it was a bit of a company mystery to some of us. Robert Tonner has loved comic figures so much of his life – his passion so infused in the company – and we have been doing them for so long there was something of the sense that they kind of just “appear” – maybe how our fans experience this as well.

design director Joe Petrollese

So setting out to uncover the answer we interviewed one of the most important people in the process, design director Joe Petrollese. Joe heads the design process on all the DC and Marvel Character figures; he has been with us for 9 years. When it comes to the translation of the DC design into the Tonner vision, the design decisions flow through Joe. He tells us that there is a lot of variability in just what factors help us decide what characters we are going to do, and when a figure is produced it probably comes out of a consideration of all of them. Roughly speaking they are:

  • Consideration of suggestions
  • Market history and demand
  • Difficulty of production
  • DC influence

At Tonner we get a lot of suggestions for what Character Figures and dolls we should do, as one might imagine…

…continue onto to read the rest

DC Comics Starfire



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  1. my name is dustin and i am a big fan of tonners dc stars and marvel line and i would like to see jade and fire from the dc stars and psylocke and mystiqure from marvel in dxoll form.

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