Charlie’s Sleeping Elfdoll Soah – Faceup


Its been a little hectic lately so we haven’t been able to keep up with our local bloggers as much as we want. Charlie Riley, who has become a strong member of our Tonner Facebook and Twitter family (in fact she is hosting the Sunday time #dollchat now at 2pm, while we are holding down the Tuesday 9pm hour), puts up a great share: Her painting of a Sleeping Elfdoll Soah. Here the face is shown off by her Companion doll Martie.

I used Pan Pastels in the portrait color set,  a *touch* of Derwent Inktense pencil in chocolate brown, and Liquitex clear gloss.

I’m not really interested in super-dramatic paint on a doll. Like with my Volks Mika, I prefer a more natural look, rather subtle, so I can dress her in anything, pose her with anything, use any eyes or wig, and the doll still will look good and not completely clash with the styling.

Dolls Behaving Badly: Okay, NOW she’s done. Probably..

If you have or know of a local doll blog you’d like us to follow be sure to email me, Kevin, at Blogs in many ways are the life’s blood of social conversation on the internet, a great place to express yourself and what you are doing.

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