Charlie’s Jim Ash modded Rapunzel – Princess Going to Lunch

Charlie has been writing up a Tonner storm. 🙂  She has reviewed our LMM QVC girl and our American Model Wigged basic, and now she is powering up her blog, definitely a blog to read. We talk a lot with her on Twitter too. Her’s her post on her new Rapunzel. She is going for a drive!

This is my Tonner Rapunzel, modded by Jim Ash to add inset blue glass eyes to replace the painted green eyes, which were lovely in their own right, but I do love inset eyes. Yesterday, we decided we had to get out of the house on such a pretty day, and so treated ourselves to lunch at Boston Market. The lady is wearing a jumpsuit I made (completely handstitched, including the topstitching), and moccasins that are a tad too big, alas (shoes for this doll=problematic, as she’s got a flat-footed Ellowyne body). The poor dear doesn’t have a name of her own, aside from the box name, so I’ve been calling her Princess. I’m taking suggestions!

via Thread Behaving Badly: In which we go to lunch..


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