Charlie Answers the Tangled Q: What’s up with Rapunzel?

One of the great things about our burgeoning #dollchat – Tuesday, 9pm – is that even though it is fast and questions hop back and forth, interesting things come up and get you wanting more. If you’ve been with us you know one of our most enthused wonderful members is Charlie @CharlieRiley819 – and one of the things that has caught our attention is how Charlie has caught Rapunzel fever! Not only did she recently buy one of our Tangled dolls – one fashioned with glass blue eyes by Jim Ash, aka Jim Dandy – she has been caught in the spell of Rapunzel herself. Do read her blog post where she explores not only the surface reasons, but also the deep reasons why Rapunzel has caught her attention. The beginning of it below. And if you like what you read, find her on Facebook and/or Twitter and let her know:


I was asked on #dollchat on Twitter last night (every Tuesday @ 9:00 pm EST! Be there!), by several people, just what it is about Rapunzel that has grabbed my doll-collecting heart so tightly. My son has more directly asked “So what’s with this big Rapunzel thing all of a sudden?”

Good question, as it seems a bit out of character for me. I’m not a girly-girl by any definition (besides biological, anyway), and the whole Disney Princess franchise annoys me no end because of the usually dreadful gender messages it sends. Yet here I am, obsessing over Rapunzel, the prototypical Damsel In Distress Locked Away in a Tower. Thus I’ve asked myself—“Yeah, so what is this ‘Rapunzel thing’ really about?”

The first obvious attraction is her hair. I have always loved long hair, and unnaturally, magically long hair is irresistible. My own hair has been waist-length (mid-back right now), and both my husband and son have long hair. I loved to play with my dolls’ hair when I was little, and I begged for a Crissy doll (that dates me, yeah?) because her hair never ran out (sorta). I was not, and never have been, attracted to dolls without hair. Molded hair? No no NO. Painted hair? HELLs no. The hair on a doll can often decide whether I’ll buy (or ask for) that doll. I’m particularly attracted to blondes and redheads, and Rapunzel is traditionally golden-haired. So there’s that.

If I dig a little deeper, psychologically…

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  1. Big fan of Rapunzel here. I so love her for her long locks. This beautiful disney princess is so unique for too many reasons. I am glad Charlie answered the questions that has popped out of my mind. I have been dreaming of seeing Rapunzel wear a different kind of dress perhaps something like a korean traditional dress?

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