Celebrating Women and Barbie Goes to the Museum

Model Looks – The Beautiful Women of Tonner

We ran into this short piece on the Mattel release of a “Museum Collection” for Barbie in the Celebrity gossip blog “Oh No They Didn’t”. It raised the very important issue of how beauty standards are depicted, something that has been important to Tonner Doll. The empowerment of women has been central to our doll and figure design. We celebrate the development of the female image.

The thoughts on Barbie’s transformation over time:

Barbie has long been the bane of feminists and physicians who believe the dolls set unrealistic body-image standards for young girls. While the latest dolls remain as bone-thin as ever, their career choices have evolved over the years past housewife and shopaholic. Some of Barbie’s recent career incarnations include architect, news anchor and paratrooper.

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The Full-Size Model

At the top of this post shows some of the variety of our beautiful women. Cami on the left brings the contemporary beauty of a young, independent NYC woman, while DeeAnna Denton captures pure fuller-figured sophistication. You can see more on of this really as daily our collectors are uploading their interpretations and visions on Facebook.For our collectors the World of Tonner offers a full array of fashion, beauty, bodies and imagination, something for everyone to dream on. Remember as well that it was in 2002 that Tonner Doll Company was the first to really break the mould, with the introduction of Emme, based on the real full-size model Emme. News from the release:

A new doll called Emme was one of the hottest products launched at the American International Toy Fair last week. The full-figured doll, decked out in a black cocktail dress and platform sandals, was inspired by real-life model Emme, the world’s leading plus-size model. Emme has twice been named one of People magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful” people.

“We do have curves on the doll, hips and broad shoulders,” Emme said on Good Morning America. The model said it’s a great idea for parents to provide their kids with dolls that represent real people. “Give your children, if you can find them out there, dolls of all different hues, of color and different shapes and sizes,” she said.

Read the rest of the ABC News article from 2002

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