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One of the wonderful things about our #dollchat on Twitter is meeting passionate, articulate people that have a whole world of themselves to share. One of these is Caroline Selby who recently started blogging with an awesome blog name Shelf Life. I wanted to share her fantastic posts on all three days of Wilde Weekend, maybe I can do that next week, but instead I saw this great post of thoughts she had when she got her first Tonner. This is just a special moment when people discover Tonner dolls, we had to bring it to you. As with all blogs be sure to leave a comment on a post if you have a good response, it is a great way to give support to doll and figure writers. You can find Caroline on Twitter at @saintcaroline. We’ve added Shelf Life to our growing and votable Best Doll Blogs list, be sure to give her a thumbs up!

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I wrote this in my personal journal over a year ago, but decided to share it here, because I wanted to share my excitement over receiving my very first Tonner doll. She would definitely not be my last!

I’ve been a Barbie collector for about 15 years. I love Barbie. There was never any other doll for me – until I discovered Tonner Dolls. And even then, it was more than a year before I decided to buy one. But one day, back in August of 2011, an offer for a Tonner Lord of the Rings Arwen doll came up that afforded me the opportunity to take one on a, well, “test drive,” if you will.

I placed my order. I waited anxiously, with both excitement (Tonner! Eeee!) and trepidation – would my Barbies ever forgive me? Surely there was enough room for other dolls… until I remembered most of my Barbies were in the closet due to lack of shelf space. But I could find somewhere for a new doll to love, right?

The big day came. A box arrived. I took it upstairs and carefully cut it open, holding my breath in anticipation. I pulled out a second box. I cut that one open to find… another box. I pulled the top off and saw tissue paper. Honestly, by that point I was starting to turn blue from lack of oxygen. But this was it. The big reveal. My first Tonner. I peeled back the tissue paper…

 And there she was. Arwen Elvenstar.

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