Captain America Final Scene Release – And an Avengers Teaser

Marvel Trivia Sightings

Perhaps controversially Marvel Studios released footage of the final scene of Captain America: The First Avenger, along with an Avengers teaser. For the bold (or those who have already seen it), here it is below via IFC. Check out the full IFC post for all 5 trivia tidbits, but one of the cool things we glimpse is that Tony Stark is wearing a Black Sabbath t-shirt…get it?… Iron Man. Well done.

(above: the final scene release)

The Tonner Captain America

Below is our Golden Age Captain America (not from the film and sold out), look for new versions of Captain America from Tonner in the future!

2 responses to “Captain America Final Scene Release – And an Avengers Teaser

  1. And the trailer truly is a teaser too. All of it seemed to go by too fast. Also it seemed to me as if Robert Downey Jr.(tony stark) will kinda be the driving force behind the film. I could be totally wrong though.

    1. That seems like a pretty good guess MFB. At least it would be wonderful if he was. He really has become a great film presence. Loved him as Iron Man of course, but even as Sherlock Holmes he was surprisingly good.

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