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Sheilah is one of our most passionate Tonner fans and those who follow us on Facebook have come to know and love her deep Cami devotion. Sheilah is a one of a kind. Here is part 3 of a guest post series she has written for us, introducing Cami for those who don’t know her well yet. If you’d like to read the rest of Sheilah’s Cami introduction series, take a look at the second part on the 14 Camis is here, and the first on Cami history here. You can also find Sheilah’s frequent Cami musings on her blog Cythna’s Introspections, and she also is on Twitter @Ianthe_Shelley a big part of our growing Tonner Doll #dollchat conversation there. If interested in Cami you can take a look at our Cami and Jon page here

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Cami 101 Part 3: The Fashions and Accessories

By Sheilah R. Craft

            As I mentioned in Part 1, Cami Malone is a young, hip, modern young woman with her finger on the pulse of all that is current, stylish, and contemporary.  Her vibe is reflected in her attire, from casual chic to cutting-edge glamor.  Cami’s look is always fresh, pulled together, and exciting.  In this third and final blog installment, I will detail each of the fashions and accessories made by Tonner Doll Company for Cami during her first two years.

When Cami debuted at the 2010 IDEX, her first clothing line did as well.  Eight outfits and one accessory pack comprised that debut line, including the above-pictured ensembles, Starlight (left) and Mood (right).  Starlight is a dreamy floor-length pale purple dress with a tiered skirt and crossed bodice.  The gold belt coordinates perfectly with the gold sequined jacket, gold heels, and gold necklace and bracelet.  This outfit speaks to that modern vibe and twist Cami exudes, as if she had bought it at a Greenwich Village boutique.  The simultaneous nod to bohemian style and glamor suits Cami perfectly.

Mood is more casual, yet very stylish.  The layered look is quite contemporary, yet classic, when paired with the cropped slim jeans.  A pale blue camisole is topped by a white ruffled tank and purple sash belt.  The pink trench coat is utterly feminine, as are her pearl necklace and bracelet.  Completing the outfit are black T-strap heels.

With a Twist (left) and Escapade (right) were two more ensembles in Cami’s debut line, and again show the diversity in her fashions.  With a Twist is perfect for a winter party or date, pairing a grey, pink-ruffled bodysuit with a tiered black skirt.  Cami stays warm in her white, front-tied, faux fur-trimmed jacket.  Tall black boots and dangly necklace and bracelet complete her look perfectly.

Escapade is more casual, yet ever stylish.  A dark coral pink knit dress is topped with a tan ruffled vest and brown belt.  To keep warm on cold winter days, Cami wears navy leggings and tan leg warmers, a contemporary interpretation of a classic 1980s look.  Her blue knit scarf adds flair and added warmth.  The tan, faux fur trimmed boots are all the rage.  Completing her look with panache are the dangly earrings and bracelet.

80 Degrees (left) is a modern cocktail dress, in a pale mint green knit with ruching on the skirt and satin ruffles on the bodice.  The tank style hugs Cami’s curves and creates a feminine silhouette.  The two-tone heels and crystal necklace and bracelets add the right balance and accessories to the pretty dress.

Hitting Midnight (right) remains Cami’s most iconic ensemble to date.  The  first pictures from 2010 IDEX, showing the blonde Cami wearing this outfit, were the first images most people saw of Cami, and so this outfit is forever associated with the birth of this most stunning of dolls.  The outfit itself is quite stunning, with its silver bodysuit and sequined jacket.  The slim-fitting black pants and silver belt, the cut-out black shoes, and the silver-beaded necklace and bracelet work beautifully with the bodysuit and jacket to create the illusion of bright stars twinkling in a dark nighttime sky.

Fanfare (left) was released in early 2010, and seems to have predicted the fashion choices of the former Kate Middleton, now the Duchess of Cambridge, who was seen wearing cute short dresses and little cardigans before and after her April 2011 wedding.  Cami, however, wore the style first—and best.  The short tiered dark blue dress with its flowered pink belt coordinates well with the light-weight pink cardigan.  The pearl and gold beaded necklace and white cut-out heels make this an utterly feminine outfit, perfect for brunch with Jon.

The Romantic (right) is aptly named.  The long, silky dress, in creams, purples, and pinks, is patterned with gorgeous paisley prints.  The shirred bodice, sheer mesh yoke, and empire waist fuse to create a luscious gown just right for a romantic date on a summer’s eve.  The beaded layered necklace, beaded bracelets and strappy lilac heels add to the delicacy of this outfit.  On a personal note, this is my favorite outfit from the first release, and one I love seeing on my Cythna (she wore it in the picture Mr. Tonner autographed, by the way).

The last offering in the debut line was an accessory pack that contained three pairs of hose for our fashionable Cami.  The hose came in the shades cameo, honey, and black—just right for coordinating with any outfit Cami might wear.

The next outfit released in 2010 was offered at the Tonner Convention only.  As you can see in Part 2, the first mainstream Cami dolls—blonde, redhead and brunette—each came wearing mint green camisoles and panties.  A pink version was offered at the convention, and the color brings out the pink tones in Cami’s skin.  It’s a darling little set, and I like how it connects in style to the first three mainstream Cami dolls.

In the summer of 2010, the second clothing line was released.  In the Moment (left) and Charm (right) kicked off this line, and again show the casual and dressy looks that both suit Cami.  In the Moment is another casual chic ensemble, with a pink floral-print blouse and slim, cropped khaki pants.  The outfit is topped by a cream-colored knit cardigan with ribbon trim and a slim gold belt.  Khaki-colored heels match well.  The lovely necklace has multi-colored beads and fabric flowers; matching bracelets compete the look.

Charm lives up to its moniker.  A sheer white bodysuit is teamed with a slim gold skirt.  Over them is worn a peach front-tied vest with cream ribbon trim undulating down the left side.  Beaded and beribboned bracelets, as well as beaded tan slides, add the finishing touches to an outfit fit for a holiday gala.

Summer Nights, like The Romantic, oozes femininity.  The champagne charmeuse sleeveless gown, with its V-cut neckline, is the perfect silhouette to showcase Cami’s trim, fit body.  The three ruffles on the skirt add further charm and elegance.  Her strappy heels are in a matching shade.  The necklace and bracelets are amazing—beads, fabric flowers, and ribbons mesh to concoct some of the most beautiful doll jewelry to be seen.  Cami looks ready for a night at a society party or a dinner with a special gentleman.

Food for Thought (left) was made just for Cami—a chef’s outfit with modern flair.  The white jacket is accented with a mandarin collar, black ribbon trim, and black buttons.  Slim black trousers, a black hat, and classic black pumps make Cami the most stylish caterer in New York.

A Cut Above (right) was made just for Cami’s friend Jon, a famous florist.  The classic slim jeans are worn with a light grey, lace-trimmed bodysuit and navy blue slides.  The green florist’s apron holds Jon’s scissors and floral cutters in the pockets.

With these outfits, both Cami and Jon are ready to keep working as the top-notch caterer and florist in New York.  After all, they have more Tonner Conventions they need to plan in the future!

In the fall of 2010, Cami fans were treated to a delightful outfit that was an exclusive to the ever-amazing Cherished Friends doll shop.  Unlike the previous Cami outfits, which were made to order, this outfit was a limited edition of 150.  The layered look remains a staple in Cami’s wardrobe.  A white long-sleeved bodysuit is topped with a gold camisole and a mint green ruffled vest.  The glittery slim, cropped jeans are paired with an equally glittery pink belt.  Dark tan sling back shoes keep Cami’s feet fashionable.  The necklace and bracelets are beaded, beribboned, and oh so pretty.

The next two outfits from fall 2010 were Tonner Direct exclusives and both darling.  On a Whim (left) is a floral chiffon tiered baby doll dress that is both flirty and innocent.  A black satin headband holds Cami’s famous hair in place.  The necklace and bracelet are more streamlined, accenting but not overpowering the pretty dress.  Strappy black high heel shoes complete the look.

A Capricious Beat (right) is also sweet, with its white ruffled bodysuit and short, tiered black skirt.  The three-tone, three-bar metallic belt is fashion forward.  The black and white striped hoodie continues the color theme and add a youthful touch.  Multi-tone beaded necklace and bracelet, and black strappy heels are the accessories.  Doesn’t Cami look as if she could attend the Indianapolis 500 parade in her black-and-white ensemble?

Two outfits and three accessories comprised the early 2011 pre-Toy Fair release in Cami’s fashion line.  Play on Words (left) was the first of the outfits.  The focal point is the cutting-edge skirt, in a pale peach, bias tiered style.  A lilac ruffled bodysuit and gold belt complement the skirt.  Cami tops the outfit with a corduroy safari-style jacket that has real button and button holes!  Metallic lilac ankle-strap heels and gold beaded earrings and necklace help to create a unique and contemporary ensemble.

City Nights is a daring, yet enchanting column dress for Cami.  In a black knit, with blouson draping and a thigh-high slit up the skirt, the dress makes Cami look bewitching.  Black cut-out heels match the dress.  Her necklace fills the dress’s V-neckline with cascading silver chains.  What a perfect dress for a museum opening or evening cocktail party.

The three accessories introduced at the 2011 Toy Fair were three wigs, anticipating the wigged Cami dolls which would debut later in the year.  West Side Red Wig (left), in a soft auburn, features a side part and face-framing layers.  West Side Brunette Wig (middle) is a light brown in the same style as the West Side Red Wig—side part and face-framing layers.  SoHo Wig (right) is a raven shade and has blunt cut bangs and long layers.


These three wigs add to the versatility of the wigged Cami dolls and allow collectors to change the doll’s look at any moment.  These wigs really do allow us to play with and to enjoy our Cami dolls, living up to the Tonner credo, “Believe in the Power of Play.”


In summer 2011, two lovely dresses were introduced for Cami.  Sag Harbor (left) is a pink silk sleeveless dress with a fitted bodice and full skirt.  The navy blue stitching at the neckline and hem matches the navy blue bowed belt.  Beaded bracelets and taupe high-heeled sandals complete the perfect summer party outfit.

South Hampton (right) is a strapless white dress with a fitted bodice and a lace-ruffled slim skirt.  A dark brown belt and matching dark brown high-heeled sandals, as well as beaded bracelets, finish the outfit.  Cami would look chic and pretty at any summer party.

The last outfit of 2011, released in the fall, is a perfect ensemble for a holiday party.  Bridgehampton is a long pale blue dress, shot throughout with gold, with a shirred bodice, spaghetti straps, and ruffled skirt.  Blue and gold beaded bracelets and gold strappy heels create a glittering effect that would make Cami’s entrance truly memorable.

These outfits and accessories have helped to write Cami’s history in her first two years.  Cami is a doll that exudes beauty, sweetness, innocence and charm.  Her fashions and accessories enhance those qualities, while adding modernity to the Cami line.    True to her official storyline, Cami remains perpetually young, modern, and fashionably trendy.  These outfits tell her story as much as do the various dolls released during her first two years.  As a whole, the Cami collection is her story, one that will continue into her third year and beyond.

Text and pictures © 2011 by Sheilah R. Craft

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