Brand New Look for Tonner Facebook! *rhyming*

New! Presenting the Tonner All-Access Pass! All Tonner, all the time!

Well, we must admit it’s been hard keeping this one under our hats, but it’s FINALLY time to share this super exciting news: Our Tonner Direct Facebook page is getting a makeover!  We’ve been diligently working on something called a landing page for our Facebook page.   From here on out though, we’d like to refer to it as the Tonner All-Access Pass.   The Tonner All-Access Pass is going to go live this Saturday, May 14 at noon, EDT, so pencil us in!

This is BRAND NEW technology, people, and we’re one of only a handful of Facebook pages that will have one!   Here’s what you need to know:

Once Saturday at noon comes, when you access our Facebook page, instead of being taken directly to our Wall, you will first see the Tonner All-Access Pass.  Think of the Tonner All-Access Pass as the new master hub for all things Tonner.  It’s basically a mini-website on Facebook!  From here, you’ll be able to access, the Tonner Blog, our YouTube channel, convention and event  information, and of course, our actual Facebook page.   Oh, and you’ll be able to virtually play with our dolls in a way you’ve never been able to before!   This is a new, dynamic way to see and  play with Tonner Dolls!  Note from the Editor:  *Oh my gosh that rhymes…someone stop me…*

Now, we don’t want to give too much away before the big reveal, but we DO want to let you know that, because this technology is so new, you might find the navigation unusual.  Believe us, this is a GOOD thing!  We are aiming to set ourselves apart, and to centralize all things Tonner with this new All-Access Pass.  The interface itself is something to be played with, in addition to all the other fun you’ll find there!

Ok, friends, more on this to come, for sure!  Already said too much as it is….

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