BIG Tonner Announcement! READ ME!

SNEAK PEEK from Wednesday's Release! Who could this be???

Hello, Collectors!  In celebration of our upcoming release on Wednesday (10.12), we are kicking off the excitement with a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!  Read on, fellow doll lovers!

Dear Collectors,

Many of you have spoken and we have listened.  About two things actually.

First, Wednesday, October 12th , will be our next product release.  It will be followed by the last release of the year in early November , when the balance of 2011’s product will all be introduced at once!  The October 12th release is almost entirely FASHION.  The November release will be our last until January, at which time we will be making a major FASHION release for 2012!!!  For FASHION categories, we are returning to our winter and summer line introductions because many of you have stated it’s what you prefer.

Second, the TONNERDirect and Tonner Doll websites are being combined and redesigned-completely!!!  The new website will be found at In early November, you will see the system we’re now beta-testing, and we can barely contain ourselves it’s so much better!  For those of you attending the Halloween Convention in Burlington, Vermont this month, you can expect a top-secret preview of the site!

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions!  Email us at or call us:  1.800.794.2107.


All the Best,

Team Tonner

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