Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman Costume – Breaking Down the Details

Dissecting the Costume

DCWomenKickingAss has a great breakdown of all the visible elements in the above pic of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, in the much anticipated Dark Knight Rises. You can just feel the love of detail as she breaks down the hi-res photo into all its particulars, comparing them to the Darwyn Cook and Arkham City versions. Some of the delicious revelations below.

A careful look at the zipper and costume texture.

Is that a mask beneath her goggles? Something of a synthesis of Arkham City and Cooke?

Can’t wait for the film. Definitely read the entire breakdown by DCWomenKickingAss, it just makes us want to see the movie all the more!

Our Tonner 13″ Catwoman

All this careful talk of Catwoman also has us thinking about our own 13″ Catwoman that just came in! It is Catwoman fever all over again.

the latest Selene Kyle in a sleek zip-up bodysuit with high collar and matching belt, molded goggles, changeable black and natural hands, and faux leather boots. It’s the Heroine Head Sculpt and 13″ Fashion Body, Brown Eyes w/ Raven Hair and Pale Skintone. She joins our other13″ female figures:

Be sure to visit our DC Stars page where all our wonderful Superhero ladies are. And let us know who it is you really love!


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