AMAZING Tonner Convention!

seuss event
Tonner staff at the Seuss event!

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Yes, I have been slacking with the blog posts.  But I had a very good reason!  We just completed our 2013 Tonner Collectors Convention in Lombard, IL.  It was AMAZING!!  It feels like a family reunion when we greet all our attendees at registration.  Even the people we are meeting for the first time  🙂

Tonner collectors are the best people on the planet!  They make the convention so fun – they dress up, they play, they learn new things, they meet with old and new friends.

Attendees dressed up for the Carousel Ball event.
Attendees dressed up for the Carousel Ball event.

Here’s a pic of people waiting for the opening of the Tonner/Wilde sales room – a super secret early bird special sale at 6am on Sunday morning.  And yes, people were in line from 3:30am!  Hearty Souls!!

factory sale

A photo from the “Welcome to the 1960’s” event – this was my favorite – as i grew up in the 60’s – mind you i was a wee tiny baby  🙂


Peace, Love, and Rock and Roll!
Peace, Love, and Rock and Roll!

The Patsy event was decorated with kites – some flying above and some on the backdrop.  (Thanks to Joanne for the spectacular photos all through out convention)


At the end of convention, during the last breakfast event, we auction OOAK dolls for charity.  The most worthy cause was A Friend’s House, located in Indiana that helps women get through tough times in their lives.  Thanks to the generosity of our attendees, we raised over $6000 for their worth while cause.  Here is one of the lucky attendees that won an OOAK Tyler – a head sculpt that was never produced, truly a one of a kind!

cindy with OOAK

Thank you all who attended and thank you to all that followed along on Facebook.  We hope to see more new faces at the next convention.

Have a happy and safe Holiday weekend!






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    1. Gotta LOVE the white go-go boots – another great song is “These Boots Are Made For Walking” by Nancy Sinatra

      “comon boots, get walkin'”

      miss nancy

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