Amanda’s 1st Tonners! Twilight’s Edward and Alice – Collector Review

 We met Amanda in Twitter in prelude to our #dollchat on Tuesday nights. In fact in our #dollchat we learned that she had just purchased her first Tonner dolls, and her first articulate vinyls, a story we really wanted to hear! It is with great appreciation that we hear her story now, and her review of Twilight’s Edward and Alice. Of course if inspired visit our Twilight page


My first vinyl doll was Titanic’s Rose, who I enjoyed for many years, but after collecting articulated resin dolls, I was no longer satisfied with her limited posability, as well as the large brand imprint in black lettering across her midsection. When the Twilight dolls came out, I was drawn to them because Twilight, like Titanic, depicts an epic romance, as well as a coming-of-age cultural mood. Since I received my first Twilight book when I was becoming a fully-fledged adult, I knew I would want the dolls to treasure for years to come as part of that memory. Their style and their general mood makes them different from fashion dolls for me.

In addition to Asian ball-jointed dolls I also collect 1980s dolls and toys. I see my 16″ dolls as a distinct collection of their own since they are so different from either thing. I am interested in collecting 16″ vinyl dolls that represent current characters and concepts, and when I saw the Twilight and Alice in Wonderland dolls released, I became more interested in Tonner because I realized they are focusing on this. More 16″ vinyl dolls I acquire will have this aesthetic/mood.

Last week I received my Tonner Edward and Alice Cullen of the Twilight Saga. They are my first Tonner dolls as well as my first articulated vinyl dolls.

I told my husband of my intention to write a review of my Tonner dolls and mentioned that I did not intend to say anything negative. Recalling the one thing he knows about the Twilight saga, he asked, “but do they sparkle when you set them out in the sun?”

I have to admit, they don’t, and coming from a childhood of magical 1980s toys that metamorphose when you put them in water or sunlight, I do find the thought appealing. But this would make a fun after-market project.

Alice Cullen has a short brunette wig that stays smooth and untangled during handling. Likewise Edward’s rooted hair “slicked-back” with painted sideburns stays permanently styled with what feels some super-strong dolly pomade. Both dolls have a pale, luminescent skin tone that does not become too shiny even in bright light. As a collector of resin ball-jointed dolls I was impressed with this quality. I appreciate the true-to-life nature of the dolls’ hair and eye colors as well as body size and style. Alice Cullen’s diminutive figure is in perfect proportion to Edward’s impressive stature.

The dolls are lightweight but stand solidly on their own two feet. Alice’s package included an extra set of high-heeled feet, which may be to the liking of some collectors. I prefer to sew my dolls’ garments myself for fun interaction (I am not particularly good at it), and sewing for these dolls was a pleasure, as their proportions are similar enough to other 15-17” dolls to allow me to adapt a variety of doll patterns to their forms. They offer many opportunities for play, and are I hope the beginning of my collection of Tonner dolls of a dark and romantic nature.



Again, thank you so very much Amanda. A real pleasure having you join out Tonner guest post and Collector review family.  All, please take a look at Amanda’s Flickr page, and don’t forget to joint us on Tuesday’s for our Twitter #dollchat, where Amanda often is to be found as @ophelias_dolls.

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