Alison of FDR says “Don’t give up!” – The Rose of Versailles

As of last night – 7 pm – Alison of the Fashion Doll Review was talking about where to get the Rose of Versailles that sold out in a Tonner Doll record of 1 hr and 45 minutes. You can reach Alison on Twitter at @FDR_alington



The outfit is a gorgeous Rococo era fashion: an ivory and blue printed gown, including incredible lace and ribbon details, a platinum wig, matching choker, pearl earrings, adorable blue period style shoes and feathered floral hat.

It retails for a whopping $139.99 and is scheduled to ship on October 25.

If you didn’t get one–don’t give up. I was able to pick one up from Dreamcastle Dolls (who is now sold out), and one for a friend of mine at Toni’s Collectibles.

Did you know Toni’s Collectibles ships orders over $100 for free? Check out their amazing selection of older Tonner items–especially the 13″ Revlon dolls. They have one of each one–including the wigged one! Plus, if you happen to be addicted to finding clothes for your Poppy Parker doll, check out these outfits for Simone Rouge–I find they usually fit pretty well.

Last I heard, you might be able to pick one up from Rose & Rouge in Canada, if they haven’t already sold out.

via A new Tonner record–The Rose of Versailles is sold out! | THE FASHION DOLL REVIEW.

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