A Pinterest How To – Adjust your Cover Photo

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Pinterest is becoming more and more the social media of choice.  I myself have been using a lot more lately, especially since the holidays are coming.  So i thought i would show you a HOW TO that a lot of people don’t realize they can indeed do!

Change Your Cover Photo – and not just change, but adjust it so it can be seen as you want.  Let me explain: here is an example of my board with the photo in an bad layout

change photo 1Notice how it has cut off the photo – not the best

so – click on CHANGE THE COVER

change photonow, pick the photo you want for the cover change photo 2drag it down in the box

change photo 3till it’s what you want to see

change photo 4

and click SAVE CHANGES

VOILA!  Now your photo is adjusted and where you want it  🙂

Have fun with Pinterest and watch for more HOW TO’s in my blog!


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