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Who doesn’t love to shop?!  Well, there may be some of you reading my blog that only shop for one specific category of items.  But I am a true shopper.  I LOVE TO SHOP!  There, I’ve said it.  Part of being a dollaholic is the fact that I love to shop – for dolls, doll accessories, gifts, and everything else you can think of.  I even sometimes buy grocery items online when I can’t find them in the store.

One part about shopping in stores I don’t like is carrying cash.  I always use a debit card or a credit card.  However, there are certain stores, especially in the small towns around where we live, that are too small to accept credit cards.  I was so happy when I found out about Square.  It’s a system where retailers can use their smartphone as a credit card reader and they pay less percentage per sale than regular credit cards or banks charge.  So when they sell something, they don’t have to raise the price for an item paid for with plastic.  No extra charges to them for machines either.  So now most of them accept credit cards.  They can even send the receipt to your email or print one for you.  You sign the smartphone with your finger to complete the transaction.

Signing on the Smartphone






And now, Square has gotten even better!  They have put out an app for smartphones that is free to download.  You can either use it to pay for items with the Square “wallet” and you can give gift cards to your favorite stores.

Read this article from Mashable.com by Seth Fiegerman

“Square just made it much easier for consumers and small businesses to use gift cards during the holidays.

The mobile-payments startup now offers users the option to buy digital gift cards through its Square Wallet app. All the user has to do is search for one of the 250,000 businesses Square partners with, select an amount between $10 to $1,000 and enter in the e-mail address of the person you want to give the gift card to. There is also an option to customize the card with a theme or personal message.

The gift cards work on iPhone, iPad and Android phones. For the iPhone and iPad, the gift cards are integrated with Apple’s Passbook so users can store and redeem the cards directly through that application.

This move is the latest effort by Square to establish itself as a powerhouse in the mobile payment space. Starbucks recently began accepting Square payments at about 7,000 of its locations and Square also launched its first international operation in Canada.

By launching a digital gift cards option, Square gives consumers a simpler way to buy last-minute gifts for friends on-the-go and helps many local businesses cash in on the gift card gold rush during the holiday season who might not normally have the infrastructure to do so.”

 So, while you are out shopping for the holidays, don’t forget the small independent stores. I say bravo for technology!  🙂

If you’ve had a chance to buy something using the Square Card Reader, let us know what you think of the process!



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