A Look Around the Doll Blog World This Week – Doll Blog Round-Up

 Here is our little tour around the Doll Blogosphere for those who don’t have time to keep up on these wonderful writers. Remember you can subscribe to these blogs and get new post notifications in your Inbox – in fact you can email Subscribe to this blog too if you haven’t in the right hand corner up there. Support these passionate folks who share their doll visions with you. The more we share, the bigger our world is.


Alison of Fashion Doll Review on the Arrival of Parrot

Oh dear. The Flock is complete!

The lovely (Antoinette) Parrot arrived this week, and she is just to die for! I wasn’t going to keep all my birds, but just for a little while, I thought I needed the entire set. I’m just pathetic.

I bought the set of five (the Flamingo was the convention doll) at convention for a discounted price, and originally sold Parrot to my fellow conventioneer Carolyn. When I saw the Parrot in my post-con photos, I had a slight change of heart….read and see the rest.

and check out her Parrot Flickr Photo set (click to see)


Char of Doll Diaries with another Wilde Wednesday: Tribute to Brave

Every Wednesday Char posts a Wilde Imagination photo shoot, called Wilde Wednesday

Have you noticed that I am just a little excited about the premiere of the Disney Pixar movie BRAVE? We are going to a screening of the movie tomorrow night and I just can’t wait. Using two of the medieval gowns I have from Carpatina, we headed out to the garden to take some BRAVE photos this morning…

Raw Edges Ellowyne (Aine) just makes such a great Merida “stunt double” especially in the Celtic Princess gown from Carpatina that also needed some pinning to work….

.read and see the rest of Char’s Tribute to Brave post

Daphne Dimples Experiments with “Chroma Keying” Photography – a Stunning Peggy Harcourt

Trying to get around photographing the back of my light tent (hate that in the background – and I don’t have strong enough lighting), I discovered chroma keying to remove a specific color in the background, like the way TV meteorologists stand in front of a green or blue backdrop that is later removed with chroma keying to allow a weather map to show through. Like how they film movies with the actors acting in front of a green backdrop, which they later remove and replace with a moving scene, usually to show car chases, specific action scenes and so forthread the rest about this Peggy Harcourt Photo

She also submitted this great pic to Doll Duels, you can see her there.

click to see on Doll Duels, and even leave a comment


Sheilah Introduces the Latest Doll in her Cythna (Cami) World

Bonjour ami! I have just arrived to join my four lovely cousins–Cythna, Audrea, Lady Eleanor, and Fawn–from my home in rural Alsace, France. I lived there my entire life, until I departed for America and my cousins late last week. After a layover in New York, I arrived this afternoon. While jet lag has its side effects, my emotions are too full and excited for much else but catching up with my cousins and their handsome beaus! One reason I decided to come now, rather than later in the year, is Audrea’s upcoming wedding to Ellery James. I am to be a bridesmaid, as are the other cousins, and I am just too elated for her that I want to be here to share every moment with her and to help in planning for her day….read and see the rest here

Sheilah, one of our most devoted Cami collectors, also posted more photos in subsequent posts a Fashion Shoot, more fashion shots,  and Paparazzi pictures.


Charlie and her Companion Doll Martie (a modified Tonner Rapunzel) Go to an Art Festival

Today, we went to downtown Pittsburgh to the Three Rivers Arts Festival , which bumps right against the epicenter of Pittsburgh Pride! The parade is tomorrow, and tonight is Melissa Etheridge right whomp in the middle of Liberty Avenue, so there wasn’t a lot going on just yet.The last day of the Arts Festival is tomorrow, though, so if you’re in the ‘Burgh and haven’t gone, gitcher ass dahntahn….read and see the rest here. Lots of great outdoor pics.


Boots at Scarlett Reverie Posts Galadriel Portraits

I only posted her once and thought maybe it would be good to photograph her again and photo-edit. Like all things, we see new ways of approaching things — from the biggest to the smallest. A friend said, “that’s what makes life interesting. You’re experience always changes.”

Back to the doll, The Tonner Galadriel is blessed with generous amounts of hair that has waves and thus, plays well with the light. Cate Blanchett is one of my favorite actresses of today’s generation too. So I couldn’t miss out on not having a Cate Galadriel…see more of Boots’s Galadriel here

Marie of My Darling Dolls posts an American Model Photo Series (in French)

Une magnifique demoiselle a rejoint ce matin la collection. Elle est éblouissante dans son étourdissante robe flamboyante. Avec son allure de jeune fille de bonne famille et son extraordinaire chignon tressé, elle évoque pour moi une héroïne de Jane Austen qui aurait troqué sa timide robe de satin rayé pour une vertigineuse robe de bal !

[Google Trans. English: A beautiful young lady this morning joined the collection. She is dazzling in its stunning dress flamboyantly. With the look of a girl of good family and his extraordinary braided bun, she reminds me of a heroine of Jane Austen would have swapped his shy striped satin dress for a dramatic ball gown!}…be sure to see the rest of these gorgeous photos! 



If we missed any great doll blogs please do let us know at tonnersocialmedia@gmail.com

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