Hudson Valley Junior Roller Derby Raises Money for Charity with Dolls





I wanted to tell you about a local group that recently held a fundraiser which included a raffle of Tonner Toys Little MissMatched dolls and outfits.

The local roller derby team, Hudson Valley Horrors, have a junior league for 12-17 year olds called the Frightmares. Each of their coaches is certified through the Youth Sports Institute of New York.  Skaters learn the basic rules of roller derby, as well as activities outside of the roller rink which will help to develop the “derby muscles” needed to improve performance on the track! Their motto is “Put on some skates and be your own hero.”   And they definitely lived up to that at their recent fundraiser.

This was their first fundraising effort – which is remarkable seeing that they have only been a team for 2 years.  The team consists of 20 girls all learning the ins and outs of roller derby (Our own staff member, Melanie, is a member of the Hudson Valley Horrors – she is also a committee member for the Frightmares.)  Tera Joules is the youth team coordinator and helped the team with this fundraiser along with other committee members.

On October 21, they held a fundraiser for the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation.  This foundation puts 100% of the money they receive into the research for a cure.  They do not put any money raised toward administrative fees.  The team raffled off dolls and outfits from the Little MissMatched line of Tonner Toys.  They exceeded their goal of $1000 and raised a total of almost $1500.  They also sold shirts and bracelets at the event which was held at Hyde Park Roller Magic, located in Hyde Park, NY.

Hats off to the Frightmares!!

The Frightmares – Hudson Valley Roller Derby Junior League




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