2011 Modern Doll in San Antonio, TX!

Mr. Robert Tonner and Company!












Just wanted to bring you all a little Modern Doll Convention sunshine!  Robert, Joe and Michelle are at Modern Doll in San Antonio, Texas and are having a wonderful time with the collectors, and had an absolutely splendid event this afternoon!  They are all gearing up for this evening’s Wilde Imagination event beginning at 7pm tonight!  Stay tuned for more updates on this front…

Also, we’d like to thank all you wonderful collectors who attended our event today, we sure had a blast!  A thousand thank-yous for spending an afternoon with Tonner!

Don’t know about Modern Doll?  Here’s a nifty little bio about this amazing organization, straight from their website:

Modern Doll, Inc. is corporation that holds an annual convention rather than a conventional club and have been putting on this convention for over 30 years. We elect board members to office and have a group of committee chairs that help us. We have opted out of the traditional membership with no dues and a much looser structure than many other similar collectors groups. All of the board members and committee chairs are volunteers and have a history of working with dolls over many years and have been active in other organizations like UFDC and MADC.

Our guiding philosophy reflects the current leadership and we try to promote education and enjoyment of dolls in our convention with programs, seminars, workshops and competition. We have a sales room that allows dealers to sell their products and a Helper room where we allow donations of doll related items to be won to benefit the overall convention. We have about 10 – 12 of the major manufacturers presenting optional added fee events and try very hard to split the souvenirs between about 1/2 children and 1/2 fashion or adult dolls.

To follow along the fun, here is an agenda of the festive events at Modern Doll this year.  Feast your eyes on the lovely eye candy below, where you can see the event dolls, the attending collectors and of course, my friend and yours, Mr. Robert Tonner! – Please note:  we know the pics could be clearer, but it was really dark in the banquet room!  Thanks for not judging! 🙂

Modern Doll Event Doll - Party of the Year Andy













The lovely Table Setting!












MMMmmmm lunch!










Party of the Year Frankie - Modern Doll Event Doll!













Party of the Year Cami: Modern Doll Souvenir












To see more Modern Doll Pics, check out the photo album uploaded to our facebook page!  Enjoy, and we’ll see you tomorrow, amigos!


2 responses to “2011 Modern Doll in San Antonio, TX!

  1. The event was stunning, by all accounts and appearances! The souvenir Cami is to die for! I am so glad and lucky that she is winding her way to me as I type! Tonner, you outdid yourself!

    1. Hiya Miss Sheilah!

      We’re so happy to hear you thought so! It really was a wonderful event, and we think all who attended had a marvelous time! The Cami souvenir is certainly a treasure to behold, we agree! Thank you for the comment, Sheilah!

      Joanne Canapini
      Community Manager

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