Over 200,000 Votes on Tonner Doll Duels in Less Than a Week – Tonner Doll

The First Week of Doll Duels

In not even a full week since launch there have been over 200,00o votes for favorite doll photos on our new Tonner Doll Duels site, and collectors have been so positive about this new kind of sharing. Thanks so much for your enthused participation! It is pretty remarkable to see the duels take on a life of its own and watch people across the planet not only play, but also share their own beautiful Tonner doll photos.

If you missed the news from late last week we have added a Search feature so you can check the stats of any doll you see in the duels by entering its name, or if you are on a photo profile page you can Search for all the uploads of that person too!

Be sure to keep checking the Doll Duels Leaderboard to see the best by this tremendous popular vote. Because we have only a 40 vote minimum you’ll also see some great new pics there who might have a little bit of a popularity burst before settling down into the pack. The top ten doll pics as of the time of this writing are:

click image to enlarge

We are also planning additional features for the site in the coming days and weeks, so stay tuned.



2 responses to “Over 200,000 Votes on Tonner Doll Duels in Less Than a Week – Tonner Doll

  1. You really NEED a “Male” category on Doll Duels. Great photos of wonderful guys but they never make it into the top 5, or ten or anywhere near the top because the women get the votes every time. Please add a category for the guys! Oh and a “Diorama” or “Grouping” category would be good also as it’s always the closeup head shots of the girls that are winners and some great photography is going unrewarded too! Thanks. Alix

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