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A big thanks for all those emails…and please keep them coming! My surgery went well and my hands will be back in the doll hospital next week fixing all those waiting for a new breath of life!! Stay tuned for that as you will watch a very difficult repair transformation!!   As promised…I wanted to let you see another aspect of my collection–The Sinister Circus! The moment I saw these in the design room–I was in heaven! As the web-site puts it: “A carnival most macabre; introducing a traveling band of oddities in the Sinister Circus. Something wicked this way comes as the Overseer opens the show to a host of sideshow headliners, dastardly thrilling performers and ghastly clowns. Enter the show…if you dare!” As you may not know…I have always been fascinated by clowns–especially the scary ones. Carnivals were something I looked forward to as a kid…and as my brothers were on the thrilling rides…. my Dad and I were in the side show tents.

As many of you may remember…side shows (although politically incorrect) had the most curious of things. I remember chickens with 2 heads…cows with an extra leg—-strange aliens in jars–and the people,…they were the oddest! One could usually find the tattoed man..(my Zombie Boy will be de-boxed and added to this display soon), a lady with a beard, wolf man, the guy who could lay on a bed a nails, and one who could slide long needles through his skin–not to mention very short people…very tall people…very thin people and very heavy people! In one of the most famous of carnival side shows PT Barnum showcased the Siamese Twins along with other accidents of nature. I think my love of Science and overwhelming curisoity about such things is what always drew me in. My Sinister Circus is still evolving…and I actually created a few other characters myself. These additional characters are not part of the Sinister Circus line–just my own play in the field of Frankendolly. They in no way represent anything that may be an official part of the collection–it is just my facination with things I remember that caused me to put together some characters!

I am hoping to add more to my sinister collection…and as you can see I had to have 2 of the little Giggles the clown. Although I enjoy them all–the clowns are my fovorites. I am guessing you may have noticed the co-joined ballerina—yes, that is my frankendolly experimental version of the original Siamese Twins from P.T. Barnums early side shows. I used 2 Marley bodies to create that…and after removing and arm and leg on each inner side of body…fused the trunks together with a hot glue gun. The very short gal in front is my “little person” who is one I remember from my childhood visits to the carnival shows. I created her by putting a regular fashion doll head on a little 10″ Ann Estelle body.

As you can see—this is certainly one of my favorite displays. After Zombie boy becomes my Tattoo man–I may just have to think up another character…unless RT adds something to this line..hint–hint…..more characters please…….



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6 responses to “Sinister Circus – More of my Collection | My Life as a Doll Doctor

  1. Wow, what a collection! You have some great pieces in there – love the Marley twins. A bearded lady might be an interesting addition, but I think just gluing a wig onto a regular fashion doll might do the trick. If you could get hold of an old Stretch Armstrong doll (figure?) you could also have a rubber man.

    1. What great ideas!! I will probably try the bearded lady first as that may be a bit easier. I have to think back to all the side show acts I remember as a kid. My problem is….when I start collecting–I have to have the entire line!

  2. Pretty cool collection Dr. Noreen! I love custom dolls and what you created look like a lot of fun. It’s a treat to see you use your skills in this way – very impressive. My favorite is the co-joined ballerina!

    I love your series so please keep them coming!

    Jason :)

    1. Thanks Jason! My frankendolly instincts go home with me after work…and I sure do believe in the power of play! I will probably attempt more characters—I love this sort of thing. So glad you enjoy!!

  3. Ever since I saw “IT” in the sewer that did it for me & clowns. The expression on “Giggles” face is perfect!

    I have always been scared by little demonic children. I think the Sunshine Families baby doll from the 1970’s would fit the bill, with those piercing vacant blue eyes.

    You have a wonderful collection. It was so nice of you to share it with us!

    1. Hi Sarah,
      I remember those Sunshine family dolls. Yikes–I am getting some great ideas of how I might add to my Macabre Collection. Some things I would never have thought of. I think creative play is why I need this hobby! Thanks for following!!

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