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Tonner Doll – Marvel Universe Rogue


Rogue in her 1990’s costume

As many of the Tonner facebook and Twitter fans know by now…I AM A HUGE Rogue fan! I have been asking for about a year and a half for Tonner to make my favorite Marvel character OF ALL TIME into a Tonner masterpiece. At the time I did NOT care what outfit she was in….but I JUST WANTED TO have her! But finally, Mr. Robert Tonner created her and it was PERFECT! Before I go into my review…maybe I should tell you guys a little bit about “the southern belle”. For one thing, Rogue’s power is to steel the abilities and memories of others. Her powers manifested when she kissed a boy and took away his memories.

Rogue’s real name is Anna Marie (which was NOT revealed until after the X-Men movies were out) was created in November 1981 by Chris Claremont and artist Michael Golden as part of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, thanks to Mystique who was revealed to be her “mother” years later. During her time as a brotherhood member, she clashed with Ms. Marvel when Ms. Marvel was a part of the Avengers.

Rogue VS. Ms. Marvel in Avengers VS X-Men

One such clash had Rogue steel the powers and memories of Ms. Marvel and she turned away from The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and went out on her own. Years later, Professor Charles Xavier took Rogue in and she became part of The X-Men. She became a valuable ally to the X-Men, but the Avengers did NOT trust her and neither did another mutant, Dazzler.

Rogue and her one TRUE love, Gambit

Over the years, many people fell in LOVE with Rogue and well…she found a man that will LOVE her too…even though, they can NEVER really touch. Gambit became her love interest in the 1990’s comic book (drawn by artist Jim Lee) and the 1900’s cartoon. Their LOVE has been tested over the years…with Rogue having a crush on the X-Men’s main nemesis Magneto, and with Gambit flirting with a disguised Mystique (she became a new X-Man…and tried to break them up, but that story is for a different time). She is also a major character in the “Avengers vs. X-Men” storyline which has the two MOST powerful teams fighting over the “Phoenix Force”. As of this review, she is set to join the new book, “Uncanny Avengers” that will have Rogue with Captain America,Thor, Wolverine, Scarlet Witch,and Havok; also this will deal with the aftermath of the “Avengers vs. X-Men” storyline.

The Tonner Doll Rogue

Full shot of Tonner Rogue

Robert Tonner out did himself on Rogue, but I maybe a bit bias. 😉 Rogue has her beautiful brown hair with a white streaks and she is in her Jim Lee designed outfit from 1990’s. She also has a headband around her forehead, which she also worn in the comic books during this time.

When I opened the box, I saw that she actually had her boots on. Probably because her boots would be hard to put on, because of the fact the boots are LONG! She also comes with a pair of yellow and flesh tone hands (the latter is NOT pictured), and a stand. can pop on a flesh toned hand and pretend she is “stealing” one of the Tonner doll’s powers and memories.

Face shot of Tonner Rogue

And like I said earlier….I am a HUGE ROGUE fan! I was going to be happy with this doll regardless of what and how Mr. Robert Tonner did her. This…and many of the X-Men fans know, is a MUST buy! As of right now, Rogue is SOLD OUT on Tonner’s website, but you can find her on other doll and toy stores online, along with ebay. Mr. Tonner made my dream come true with Rogue and I am really happy with this version of Rogue!

My name is Courtney Robinson and I am a collector of Tonner’s DC Stars and Marvel Universe dolls. I can be found on facebook and twitter (@CNR1989). If there is a DC Star or Marvel Universe doll that you like to see me review, drop me a line or let Kevin at know! Thanks for reading!


Thank you Courtney for another passionate review. You can read other Tonner reviews by Courtney: Marvel Universe Ms Marvel, DC Stars Dove, DC Stars Batgirl, Marvel Universe Black Cat, DC Stars Donna Troy.  And if you have a Tonner you’d like to share with other collectors, past or present, fashion or comic inspired please do think of writing a review. Contact me, Kevin, at



3 responses to “Marvel Universe Rogue Tonner doll review – by Courtney Robinson

  1. Great review! It’s always nice to see a true fan of a character get their wish fulfilled, and be so articulate in talking about that wish come true.

    I love it when a character which up until this point has only been in a graphic novel/comic book (take your pick!) comes to 3D life so beautifully. Thankfully, Mr. Tonner himself is a big fan of a lot of the Marvel and DC characters, which might explain WHY they are so well executed.

  2. I agree with you, they outdid themselves with Rogue. Overall I’ve been happy with the current Marvel releases. Looking forward to Storm( they HAVE to make her, no question about it!) and if Mystique and Nightcrawler are made, I’ll have to go to the poor house!
    Keep up the great reviews!

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