ICYMI: The 2014 Tonner Doll Mainline Release

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The big reveal was yesterday and you might have noticed some new friends in the lineup!  The Mainline Release includes some great pop culture stuff as well as some adorable child dolls, and a bit of fashion, too!  The release was a little less fashion-oriented than usual, but that’s only because there is some pretty amazing fashion dolls coming later on in the year that will knock your socks off!

Let’s get to the nitty gritty, shall we?  There was an incredible amount of excitement about the NEW Patsyette Collection.  You love Patsy, right?  Well Patsyette is smaller (8″ tall – on the Betsy McCall body) and even MORE adorable (if that’s at all possible).  She wears a cutesy, sort of sad expression and fits perfectly in your hot little hand.  Perfect for travel and oh so much fun to play with!  Check out the new Patsyette Collection:  there’s a basic, a dressed doll and some super sweet outfits, too!

Patsyette Sheer Delight Outfit Only
Patsyette Sheer Delight – Outfit Only

Another favorite from the release is the brand new collection Half Pint.  Who is Half Pint, you ask?  She’s a delightful little girl that never runs low on fun, whose middle name is Trouble with a capital ‘T’.  With bright, wide eyes and a mischievous smirk, Half Pint will rough and tumble her way right into your heart.  Sharing the 10″ body with Patsy, she comes with the NEW articulated wrists and elbows, and can swap clothes with Patsy and Ann Estelle, too!

Half Pint Grins & Giggles
Half Pint Grins & Giggles

Speaking of Patsy, there were some great things for the little one in the way of dressed dolls (Patsy’s Play Date?  Um, yes please!) and outfits, too.  Oh that 10″ sweetheart! <3

Patsy Play Date
Patsy Play Date

A Mainline Release fan favorite is definitely the Big Bang Theory Collection.  Bazinga!  Featuring Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler (image coming soon), there is a lot of excitement in the air!  Sheldon’s likeness is impeccable, and we can expect the same level of impeccability with Amy Farrah Fowler.  We can tell you she will come wearing a blouse, cardigan, and skirt, and of course, her signature spectacles.  There have been a lot of questions as to whether we will create other BBT characters for the line, and the quick answer is:  We hope so!  We would love to do Leonard, Penny, Raj, Howard and the whole gang, but it’s not yet been confirmed one way or the other just yet.  Here’s hoping!

Sheldon Cooper - First Edition
Sheldon Cooper – First Edition

Also peeking interests are the retro Batman and Catwoman 1966 figures featuring  portrait likenesses of Adam West and Julie Newmar.  Images are coming soon and we cannot WAIT to show you, because believe us – they are STELLAR!

Finally, there are some great fashion releases, as well.  There is a gorgeous American Model dressed doll, Victorian Romance in a period swath of white that is absolutely breathtaking.  Also included is a fun Party All Night Collection for Cami & Jon, as well as a beautiful ball gown outfit for Tiny Kitty.

Victorian Romance
Victorian Romance

Last but not least, we released the vampire child Renesmee Cullen (image coming soon!).  Lots of Twilight fans have already pre-ordered her, even sight unseen!

Be sure to take a look at the whole collection >>> HERE!  Well that’s it for the highlights of the Mainline Release!  Don’t forget there’s a special promo going on right now for any of the in stock items;  10% off & free shipping on any in stock new release items through 4/9.  Use code MAINLINE14 at checkout to save.  Happy hunting, Doll Lovers!

7 responses to “ICYMI: The 2014 Tonner Doll Mainline Release

  1. Put my vote in for the 1920’s ~ My absolute fave! I love what is available for Deja vu. More please!

  2. Want a raven 1920’s DeJaVu so bad…missed the boat. Now sold out. Please Robert make a dressed 1920’s doll in Raven….I will snap her up in a minute!

    1. Well I found a Raven 1920’s from a collector that decided to sell her, I lucked out! Then I decided to add the modern doll with the reddish brown hair, that went on sale for 99.00…Everything is perfect, but the hair is very badly trimmed. Not sure how they are doing this in the factory, but the light must be very bad. It has taken me an hour to get it straighter on the bottom. I have never seen one this uneven. the hair improves with brushing (Using a wig brush). Not liking this dolls hair and hope I can fix it with patient trimming. The other DeJaVu dolls were perfect. I wonder if that is why these were discounted.

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