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  • LMM mermaid

    The Next Look at the LMM Girls – LittleMissMatched Photobooth

    Over at the LittleMissMatched blog we get our second playful look at these remarkable girls from our brand new line of affordable dolls as Tonner Toys. Next week we should be releasing a great interview with the dolls lead creative designer Jason Reilley on our YouTube page. The very first of these dolls will be […]

  • Tonner Sweepstakes.... Take 2!

    I Tube. YouTube. We all Tube… Tonner’s Latest Giveaway!

    Hey there, amigos!  Hope this Monday finds you well.  As we promised, we have another Tonner Sweepstakes for our super favorite subscribers!  This time around, we’d like to gain some more subscribers to our YouTube Channel!  Right now, we’ve got 47…which is a fair amount!  But, the more the merrier, right? So, friends, here’s what […]

  • QR Code Clue #5

    QR Code Clue #5

    Tonner’s audio/visual hub….??? Email the answer to the brain teaser/trivia to!  You guys are doing great, keep up the good work!  Thanks so much for playing along!

  • Brand New Look for Tonner Facebook! *rhyming*

    Brand New Look for Tonner Facebook! *rhyming*

    Well, we must admit it’s been hard keeping this one under our hats, but it’s FINALLY time to share this super exciting news: Our Tonner Direct Facebook page is getting a makeover!  We’ve been diligently working on something called a landing page for our Facebook page.   From here on out though, we’d like to […]

  • See the Artist at Work:  Robert Tonner Sculpts!

    See the Artist at Work: Robert Tonner Sculpts!

    It’s been simply buzzing around the office lately, what with the nearing convention, the upcoming implementation of our new website… Not to mention the filming that’s going on!  What filming, you say?  Well, here’s some fun news:  We’re being featured in a documentary!  The documentary will be based around a 20-year retrospective of Robert and […]

  • Tonner Doll is Starting a Blog! Yes, it is true

    Tonner Doll is Starting a Blog! Yes, it is true

    Welcome to the first post of the Tonner Doll Company’s blog. We are super excited about the idea of blogging because we have so much to share, not to mention that our fans and collectors have much to tell us about as well. Let us know how this goes for you, feel free to comment […]