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  • happy-thanksgiving-2012

    Robert Tonner Wishes You a Tonnerific Thanksgiving!

    So tomorrow is the big day!  There’s all sorts of reasons to love Thanksgiving:  the Macy’s Day Parade, family (or not?), food, R&R, football, and the kickoff to the holiday season.  And turkey.  Yes, loads of turkey.  But now is not the time or the place to get into the ongoing debate about dark meat […]

  • cami reading

    Fan Video Submission – Shielah’s Cami in a Poetry Recital of Shelley

    We really love having video submissions from our expressive fans. This one came from Shielah whom we were chatting with one day on Twitter under the #dollchat tag. She just was brimming with Cami-love and decided to just be a little creative. So lovely to take that moment and capture it and now the whole […]

  • The Tonner Blog Already Reaches International

    The Tonner Blog Already Reaches International

    One of the most exciting things about blogging is that words and images can cross national borders and sweep the globe. Already doll lovers have begun enjoying our beginnings, as you can see in this machine translation from the French. Our retailer in Paris Miss Vinyl enjoyed our video of doll posing yesterday. And like […]

  • Tonner Doll is Starting a Blog! Yes, it is true

    Tonner Doll is Starting a Blog! Yes, it is true

    Welcome to the first post of the Tonner Doll Company’s blog. We are super excited about the idea of blogging because we have so much to share, not to mention that our fans and collectors have much to tell us about as well. Let us know how this goes for you, feel free to comment […]