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  • Cythna at the Westin - Tonner Convention

    Tonner Convention Photos Recap Part I – Day 1 – Facebook and Twitter – #tonnercon

    Hey all, the Tonner Convention coverage this year is better than ever. Not only are Joanne and Miss Nancy capturing photos and videos live and posting them to our Facebook page and YouTube, But we are getting great coverage from our Tonner Twitter family on #tonnercon, those like Sheilah, Charlie and Jessica who are sharing […]

  • black antoinette

    Alison’s Tonner Halloween Convention Thoughts: Fashion Doll Review

    Alison over at Fashion Doll Review offers some brief thoughts about our Halloween convention, and a great link on Dreamcastle Dolls where you can see the convention dolls in one place. ********* Lots of great new dolls have been released for Tonner’s Halloween convention. You can see a nice summary at Dreamcastle Dolls website, including […]

  • Untitled-1

    #TonnerCon: You Can Be a Virtual Attendee!

    Hiya, everyone!  The countdown is on.  We’re mere hours away from lift-off for HCon.  The girls (Julie and Jen O.) and I  are leaving for Vermont bright and early tomorrow morning.  Road trip!  We’ve got our costumes, and of course, a Classic Rock playlist for the ride (yeah that right.  Track 1 is ‘Bad to the […]

  • Virtual QR Code Scavenger Hunt:  ….And the Winner is…..

    Virtual QR Code Scavenger Hunt: ….And the Winner is…..

    Well, before we get to the winner, we’d first like to THANK YOU very much for participating in our experimental QR adventure!  We love that you all are not afraid to try new and crazy things, and for that, we are grateful! We learned a lot during the QR experience and we hope you did, too.  We had originally […]

  • Thank you, Collect-Os!

    Thank you, Collect-Os!

    As convention drew to a close, there were many kind words spoken of Robert.  Jack Kralik, Robert’s longtime friend and Vice President told the story of how he came to know Robert, and a little bit of their history together. As we promised, here is the video of the loving speech that closed 2011 Tonner Con: Robert […]

  • QR Code Clue #2

    QR Code Clue #2

    Hey all, here’s the second clue as to where you find the second QR code: This is a Tonner Doll that’s been repainted.  You must identify who the repaint artist is, and then find their website.  When you find their website, you will find the QR code you seek. Just to be clear, you must […]

  • Let the games begin:  Convention is HERE!!

    Let the games begin: Convention is HERE!!

    We’re HERE, and we’re getting this party started!  After a long and arduous journey, we are getting everything ready for the 300+ collectors that are going to soon arrive.  Yesterday, our trucks arrived at 8am sharp, holding all of our precious cargo.  Team Tonner had those trucks filled with 42 pallets unloaded and organized in […]