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  • Wonder Woman Amazonia

    Fantastic Wonder Woman Remix Video – Get your Wonder Woman on

    Wonder Woman Mix Jason Wright who has been producing a detailed and enthralling Tonner Wonder Woman in review series, the fourth part of which we published today, posted this riveting Wonder Woman YouTube on our Facebook wall. Definitely worth something to share with our Wonder Woman blog readers. Wonder Woman in the Air for Tonner […]

  • Put your hands together....

    …and the Winner of a Brand NEW MARVEL Captain America Character Figure is….

    …Friends, put your hands together and help us congratulate David Colle!!  He’s our lucky-ducky winner of the brand new, SOLD OUT Marvel Captain America Tonner Character Figure! Congratulations to you, David!  We’re delighted Cap has found such a good home. Again, we want to thank ALL OF YOU for taking the time to subscribe to […]

  • t11mvsd02 face lg

    Get ready for the Captain America Giveaway!

    Hi everybody!  Today’s post is dedicated to thanking all of our new subscribers!  As of Monay(or even sometime over the weekend), we hit our goal of 100+ subscribers to our blog.  This is amazing, and not only did we meet our goal, but we did it ahead of schedule!  We had initially allotted 2 full […]

  • Virtual QR Code Scavenger Hunt:  ….And the Winner is…..

    Virtual QR Code Scavenger Hunt: ….And the Winner is…..

    Well, before we get to the winner, we’d first like to THANK YOU very much for participating in our experimental QR adventure!  We love that you all are not afraid to try new and crazy things, and for that, we are grateful! We learned a lot during the QR experience and we hope you did, too.  We had originally […]

  • Thank you, Collect-Os!

    Thank you, Collect-Os!

    As convention drew to a close, there were many kind words spoken of Robert.  Jack Kralik, Robert’s longtime friend and Vice President told the story of how he came to know Robert, and a little bit of their history together. As we promised, here is the video of the loving speech that closed 2011 Tonner Con: Robert […]