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  • Tonner Con:  Day 2

    Tonner Con: Day 2

    Helloooooooo from Lombard, IL everybody!!  Registration began at 2pm, so that means Con has been kicked off!!  So fasten your seat belts for more Con Fun!! Today, we started at 8am and finished setting up the Tonner and Wilde Sales Room, and readied the centerpieces for the upcoming events.  Just wait until you guys see […]

  • Let the games begin:  Convention is HERE!!

    Let the games begin: Convention is HERE!!

    We’re HERE, and we’re getting this party started!  After a long and arduous journey, we are getting everything ready for the 300+ collectors that are going to soon arrive.  Yesterday, our trucks arrived at 8am sharp, holding all of our precious cargo.  Team Tonner had those trucks filled with 42 pallets unloaded and organized in […]