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    Robert Talks About the Upcoming Avatar Figures – Tonner Doll News

    Avatar Figures Coming One of the great pieces of news that our Convention attendees heard was that we are coming out with Avatar figures from the 2009 movie. These will be high-end spectacular collectables of great detail, a male and a female figure. So listen as Robert tells us where he is at, and wait […]

  • See the Artist at Work:  Robert Tonner Sculpts!

    See the Artist at Work: Robert Tonner Sculpts!

    It’s been simply buzzing around the office lately, what with the nearing convention, the upcoming implementation of our new website… Not to mention the filming that’s going on!  What filming, you say?  Well, here’s some fun news:  We’re being featured in a documentary!  The documentary will be based around a 20-year retrospective of Robert and […]