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  • wonder woman trib

    Great Lynda Carter, Wonder Woman Tribute

    Tonner friend Shannon Craven of Flutterwing Designs produced the above pure tribute to Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman. Enjoy! “This One of a Kind Doll was originally a Tonner Suzette sculpt doll. She was repainted and restyled by artist Shannon Craven to resemble Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman in the first season of the classic TV […]

  • Meet us at the library... in the Tonner Reference section!

    The Very Root of Doll Collecting

    Hiya, all!  It’s my favorite time of day:  snack time!  Usually around 4pm or so, I prepare my snack (sliced cheese/fruit/unsalted almonds), and every other day I sit down to blog to my favorite Tonner Peeps (you!).   And no, I’m not ruining my dinner. Today, though, I’m trying something different:  I’m blogging as myself […]

  • QR Code Clue #2

    QR Code Clue #2

    Hey all, here’s the second clue as to where you find the second QR code: This is a Tonner Doll that’s been repainted.  You must identify who the repaint artist is, and then find their website.  When you find their website, you will find the QR code you seek. Just to be clear, you must […]