Wilde About Coloring – Contest

July 14th, is Robert Tonner’s Birthday!  The Tonner Doll Company is Celebrating Robert’s Birthday with a “Wilde About Coloring” Contest! To be entered, email a picture you have colored from Robert’s coloring book, “Wilde About Coloring.” Available on Wilde Imagination RULES: Eligibility – Open to all artists regardless of experience. Current or former employees of … Continued

Agatha Primrose – Get to Know Agatha

Getting to Know Agatha Primrose My name is Garrett Grant and I think I’m in love. This isn’t like me.  I’ve always considered myself a pretty cool guy and I’ve had my share of girlfriends over the years—but this one is different.   My usual stuff just doesn’t work with her. Let me start at the … Continued

Merry Everything!

Thank you for reading our blog throughout the year – and if you have any topics relating to dolls you’d like to hear about, just let us know.  Until then…..