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  • QR Code Clue# 3

    QR Code Clue# 3

    Hello all!  More blogging fun to come, but first here’s your first clue today: All things Vampire Diaries for super-fans…

  • Tonner Con:  Day 2

    Tonner Con: Day 2

    Helloooooooo from Lombard, IL everybody!!  Registration began at 2pm, so that means Con has been kicked off!!  So fasten your seat belts for more Con Fun!! Today, we started at 8am and finished setting up the Tonner and Wilde Sales Room, and readied the centerpieces for the upcoming events.  Just wait until you guys see […]

  • QR Code Scavenger:  Clue #1

    QR Code Scavenger: Clue #1

    Well hello, players, welcome to your first clue for the Virtual Scavenger Hunt:  QR Code style!  You will find today’s Code in the following place: Rennot golb This first one is maybe a little easy, just to get the ball rolling!  :) Don’t forget to email with the answer!  There will be another code […]

  • QR Code Virtual Scavenger Hunt: How it’s Gonna Go Down

    QR Code Virtual Scavenger Hunt: How it’s Gonna Go Down

    Hey Tonner Peeps!  As Convention is almost upon us, we thought it best to quickly lay down the rules and logistics of the QR Code Virtual Scavenger Hunt: We’re going to kick off the Virtual Scavenger Hunt on Thursday, May 19th!  Here’s what is going to happen: First, we’ll give a clue right here on […]

  • Gearing up for the 2011 Tonner Convention!

    Gearing up for the 2011 Tonner Convention!

    …Things are getting pretty exciting around here in preparation for our upcoming convention!  As you may or may not have heard by now, we will be blogging our little vinyl hearts out, so you can follow the convention blow by blow.  That way, those who can’t make it can still VIRTUALLY attend. By now, most […]