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    Marvel’s® Captain America™ Giveaway!

    Hey all!  Hope you’re fully recovered from all the convention fun! We’ve recently noticed that, though you all are loyally reading our blog posts, there are actually only have a few subscribers to our blog.  Ahem!  Yeah.  Uh, ….we’d like to have more than just a few. Perhaps you simply have the link to our […]

  • Brand New Look for Tonner Facebook! *rhyming*

    Brand New Look for Tonner Facebook! *rhyming*

    Well, we must admit it’s been hard keeping this one under our hats, but it’s FINALLY time to share this super exciting news: Our Tonner Direct Facebook page is getting a makeover!  We’ve been diligently working on something called a landing page for our Facebook page.   From here on out though, we’d like to […]