The SDCC Lady Gaga Style – We Were All Born this Way

Found via originally posted by iluvthe90s. What do you all think? Would a Tonner Doll Company Lady Gaga figure make you happy? Great fun. Believe in the Power of Play!



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Published on August 01, 2011 with 8 Comments

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  1. LOL.. that was funny, I still like Weird Al’s version better.. ;-)

    • It was pretty fun Thomas. It some how captures the spirit of her song and Comic-Con. Don’t know weird Al’s version, I’ll go look for it!

      Dir. of SoMe

  2. if you do a lady Gaga doll, she will need to be wigged, so we can change her hairstyle and outfits often. you would have to have several outfits offered!

  3. I don’t waste my $$ on Lady Gaga, would be disappointed In both Robert Tonner and Tonner doll company if they felt that would be a doll worthy of their skill and time…
    My personal opinion, but the question was, here’s my answer

    • If you don’t like Lady Gaga gives us the same, then do not buy the doll and point, but I assure you that sales of the doll would be massive.

  4. Since I am not a fan of Lady Gaga, well, that would mean that there would be more for Gaga fans to have.

    I’d like to see a hard rock star like Joan Jett. LOL, I have often thought of getting a Joan Jett costume for my Rouge Sydney, she sure has the attitude of a hard rocker!

  5. SERIOUSLY fabulous!!

  6. I need a Lady Gaga doll, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *¬*

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