Our New YouTube Playlist – Robert Talking About Our Dolls and Figures

Tonner YouTube

We made a playlist of Robert sharing his thoughts, mostly on new dolls and figure releases, but also a few other things as well. Take a look there are 14 videos at the time of this publishing, we’ll be adding to it as we go, hopefully every week. We’d love to do more YouTube sharing with Robert. If you have any thoughts of things you’d like to see Robert talk about, or video features we could do, please do let us know in comments below or by sending us an email at tonnersocialmedia@gmail.com. It would also be great if anyone wants to submit video review of their favorite Tonner Doll dolls and figures. You can submit them to us and we’ll publish them on our own channel, or you can put them up on your own channel and we’ll blog them.

You can watch all the videos in the new Playlist in succession by clicking the above video.

Or go to the Playlist itself here and see what they are. Be sure to subscribe our YouTube channel to not miss any of our coming videos!


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