#tonnercon: Robert Tonner’s Seminar and the Wicked Cool Raffle – Tonner Doll Convention 5/18

Hey Tonnerados!  Hope you all are enjoying the coverage so far.  It’s so important to us to be able to bring the Con to you, since we realize not everyone can just drop everything to come party with us.  But we feel you, that you’re with us in spirit, and feverishly following the coverage!

After I published the last post, I had to race down to see Robert’s Seminar.  I never want to miss even one word of his presentations, because you just never know what he’ll reveal!

Robert's Seminar
Robert’s Seminar

This seminar was kind of like The Sound of Music’s All of My Favorite Things.  Robert gave us an inside look at what inspires him, and what he draws from when he is creating.  Some of his favorite things!  It’s really amazing to be sort of guided through the genius mind of an artist, especially one as talented as our Robert.

Robert talks about his love of comic book characters.
Robert talks about his love of comic book characters.

And this time was no exception. Robert talked about his love of illustration art, of which I’m sure you’ve seen snip-its of his massive collection.  He also is quite inspired by the wide world of pop culture, fairy tales, fiction, and of course, comic books, movies and comic book characters.  He’s currently reading the following:  Life After Life by Kate Atkinson and Divergance by Veronica Roth.  He LOVED the films Iron Man 3 and Great Gatsby and is looking forward to seeing Star Trek.  And those are some of Robert’s favorite things!

Robert, as gracious as ever, held a Q&A at the end of the session.  I think that for most part, this is everyone’s favorite element, because Robert will literally stand there and answer questions until there are no more to be asked.  A great seminar to be sure!  Check out the video clip of a few minutes of Robert’s Q&A.  It is slightly hard to hear the Qs being asked, but Robert pretty much repeats the Q, so it’s easy enough to follow.  I highly reccomend watching because he is asked about new DC Comics Characters and Sindy and licences we’ve not continuted on with, such as Hunger Games (which he touches on in the video!).

Up next, we had a very exciting hour at the Raffle Drawing.  The timing of this occasion is new, because in years past we generally held it during the Saturday Night PJ Party.  But this year, we’re doing it in the afternoon, so that we can shake our tail feathers all night long on the dance floor!  Have I mentioned how much Robert loves to dance? 😉

Pulling the winning ticket
Pulling the winning ticket
Dana Gaddy wins!
Dana Gaddy wins!
Another lucky winner!
Another lucky winner!

Sweet Treats Gift Set - SEW cool!

Sweet Treats Gift Set – SEW cool!

Anywhoo, gosh!  There were so many truly extravagant, awe-inspiring prizes this year.  It was really unbelievable.  This raffle drawing really gets people pumped up and excited, and the change in time is really welcome, considering after this we go right to the Banquet event:  Carousel Ball!  Lots of shiny happy people today, folks!

The Bailys win big!
The Bailys win big!

Click HERE to see all the pics from the Raffle Drawing!

OK I’m off to don my costume for the evening…

Up next:  The souvenir Ball .  A little dinner and a LOT of dancing!


2 responses to “#tonnercon: Robert Tonner’s Seminar and the Wicked Cool Raffle – Tonner Doll Convention 5/18

  1. Im annoyed at myself for not flying up.
    Im a young man who has started collecting Tonner DC Stars in a big way.

    I guess next time….from New Zealand.

    1. Hi Colin!

      Gosh that would be swell if you could come next year! You would LOVE it. It’s a weekend long Doll Party 😀 I’m glad you’re following along with the coverage, though!

      Hope to meet you face to face next year Colin! Thanks for writing.

      Joanne @ Tonner

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