Tiny, tiny, tiny Sneak Peek at the Tonner Peeta Figure – Hunger Games

The Hunger Games – Peeta Mellark

Yesterday Robert gave a very quick sneak  peek at the unapproved Peeta Character figure for The Hunger Games, just to whet our appetites. The imagination is just tickled over the main characters we would have, Twitter has been buzzing with calls for Katniss. We’ll just have to wait and see what comes out but seeing that Peeta is already in the physical state, in process, makes us all excited.

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  1. SOOOOO excited for Hunger Games dolls! I am Team Peeta.. my daughter and I read the books, saw the movie. The sneak peek of the Peeta doll is such a tease! The Tonner dolls will be VERY popular. Hunger Games is a huge success, hope he makes enough dolls, will be pre-ordering these.. they will run out!

  2. Awh, darn! I knew RT got the licensing for the Hunger Games, but can hardly wait for Katniss–probably in the Fall, but I said after 2 new Wilde Imagination dolls in Jan, Thea and Phin from Imperium Park and and outfit for each(waiting for “End of Time?” for Thea), two gowns for my Cameo American Model, two AM wigs from the big Tonner sale, and SteamFunk Cami–no more dolls! But no way I can keep this promise, especially if RT gets the rights to the Johnny Depp :”Dark Shadows” or RT releases a wedding Bella and Edward or a Vampire Bella. Guess my heart and dolly $$ belong to RT and WI!

  3. So excited!!! I CAN’T wait!!! Love the scupts of Tonner dolls and the detail that’s put into ever piece!! (Very talented artist and obviously hard working group of people all around in that company!!) I never pre-order but I’m totally gonna pre-order Katniss and Peeta as soon as it’s availible!!!! (Just hope I can wait w/out getting too anxious – Love the seek peeks!) *Keep kicking butt Tonner people you guys do awesome work!!!!!*

  4. I’ve been checking in daily. Any rough estimates floating around for release dates…or when we’ll get stock photos of them?

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