Thank you, Collect-Os!

Tyler Wentworth Resin BJD: 2011 Tonner Con

As convention drew to a close, there were many kind words spoken of Robert.  Jack Kralik, Robert’s longtime friend and Vice President told the story of how he came to know Robert, and a little bit of their history together.

As we promised, here is the video of the loving speech that closed 2011 Tonner Con:


Robert gets a special gift from his staff:


Just wanted to say (again!) THANK YOU for the greatest 20 years ever!  You’ve all played a significant role in making Robert’s dreams come true!  Thanks for joining us at Con, either virtually or actually, and from the bottom of our little vinyl hearts, WE LOVE YOU, dear collect-Os!

Now, that we’re home safe and sound, (and we hope you are too!), it’s time to get back to work!  Us little elves have another Convention to plan!  Burlington, VT:  Scary Tales!  2011 Halloween Tonner Con!  Be there, or be [].  (Registration starts June 1st).

9 responses to “Thank you, Collect-Os!

  1. That was really nice. I love that Tonner bar and Robert’s remark. He’s a natural comedian with his straight face and droll expression.
    Thanks for posting this. Very touching.


    What is the date of the Halloween convention? Halloween?

    1. Hi Terri!

      Halloween Con is Oct 28th through the 30th and registration will begin on June 1st! This year it will be in Burlington, VT again. We sure hope you can join us, Terri!
      Thanks for your comment on the video. We found it to be very touching, too, and you’re right: Robert has professional comedic timing, that’s for sure! So many talents, so little time! Thanks again for being engaged in our blog!

      Team Tonner

      P.S. We’re strongly considering a Laura Domholt calendar…. 🙂

      1. Yay! A Laura Calendar. Sign me up for at least 2. Hehe.
        BTW … How would I contact Robert directly via mail – or is he just reading everything we write already?
        And…who are you if you don’t mind revealing your name?

        1. Hi Terri! You can email something to Robert through his assistant, Nancy: She’ll make sure he gets anything you’ll send along! Also, 2 Laura Calendars coming your way! lol I don’t mind revealing my true identity (!): I’m Joanne. We actually met once at the Tonner Company Store Tent Sale (I’ve got short hair). Been following your blog though! 🙂

          Team Tonner

  2. THANK YOU, Mr. Robert Tonner, for the beauty of your dolls and the permission to play joyfully with your dolls! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! I truly do love you and everyone at Tonner Doll Company!

    1. Why, thanks for the kind words, Sheilah! You are a never-ending source of enthusiasm and support! We’re delighted that you truly believe in the power of play in everything you do. Tonner loves YOU!

      Team Tonner

  3. I have never felt this connected to or supportive of any company before. Tonner makes loyalty, support, and enthusiasm so very easy! What isn’t there to love? Thanks!!

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