See the Artist at Work: Robert Tonner Sculpts!


It’s been simply buzzing around the office lately, what with the nearing convention, the upcoming implementation of our new website… Not to mention the filming that’s going on!  What filming, you say?  Well, here’s some fun news:  We’re being featured in a documentary!  The documentary will be based around a 20-year retrospective of Robert and the Tonner Doll Company.

There has been a film crew here all week, doing interviews, shooting video, and just doing some general digging around.  One of the exciting things they are capturing on film is Robert creating art that will eventually become a doll.

Yesterday, there he sat, perched in his sculpting office for 5 or 6 hours, just sculpting away.  The film crew had a camera set up to catch everything, and later, they will weave it together, time-lapse style,  so the figure will form out of clay right before your very eyes.  It will be a spectacle that’s not to be missed!

Even though we were under strict orders to do not disturb, we simply couldn’t pass up a chance to capture some footage ourselves to share with you, dear friends.  So, over to the sculpting office we crept, camera in hand.  The gentle artist seemed amused by our presence, and seemed to also know we meant no intrusion, but just wished to see the magic.  After flashing a tender smile, Robert continued his creation, as if we weren’t even there.  It was truly a sight to behold, and we hope you enjoy seeing this as much as we did.

P.S.  If you like this video, feel free to hop on over to our youtube channel to see more of this fun stuff!

3 responses to “See the Artist at Work: Robert Tonner Sculpts!

    1. Hi Alyrenee! So glad you’re enjoying the Tonner Tidbits we’re scattering! I can tell you it is NOT the Avatar body, because in order to show something like that, even here on a measly blog, it would have to be approved by the licensor.

      But here’s the GREAT news: The sculpt RT was working on is a working sculpt. In other words, it will be a new male body. Beyond that, we cannot say more… BUT, we think you’ll be pleased 🙂

      Thank you kindly for the comment!

  1. I watched a DVD from Tonner Doll Co (hystory or Robert Tonner’s life with Fashion and Sculpting, with my granddaughter Candice. It was one of the most interesting stories I have seen. It is amazing how long he worked in Fashion.
    The fact that is ended up doing Sculpture is very interesting and the fact that he ended up in Ulster County is only to our advantage. So happy to have a doll store in Kingston. Keep up the hard and wonderful work. We have not had a doll store here in many years, and I have missed them.

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