Robert Tonner Wishes You a Tonnerific Thanksgiving!

So tomorrow is the big day!  There’s all sorts of reasons to love Thanksgiving:  the Macy’s Day Parade, family (or not?), food, R&R, football, and the kickoff to the holiday season.  And turkey.  Yes, loads of turkey.  But now is not the time or the place to get into the ongoing debate about dark meat and white meat.  Just know that, we at Tonner love both equally, and do not discriminate.  Any turkey is good turkey.


It’s also a great holiday to reflect on the numerous things you are thankful for.  So we did that. Right at the top of our list is YOU!  Each day we are inspired by your enthusiasm and passion for what we do, and for that, we graciously thank you!  And thanks for a GREAT year – the best one yet.

One more awesome thing about Thanksgiving:  Robert Tonner!  Robert loves Thanksgiving and wishes you the best one yet:

Wishing you a happiest of Thanksgivings from all of us at Tonner Doll Company.

3 responses to “Robert Tonner Wishes You a Tonnerific Thanksgiving!

  1. A very Happy Thanksgiving to you, Robert! And you, too, Miss Nancy! And all the team at Tonner Dolls! All the beauty, creativity, enthusiasm and love you put into each doll is so apparent and appreciated. Robert, I hope you will consider holding sculpting classes in the future….and in the UK if possible…big blessings to all (and that anyone who reads this post)!!!

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