Robert Shows the new Painted Eye Amber Head – Wilde Imagination

One of the things Michelle of Wilde Imagination has been waiting for is a Painted Eye Amber, and Robert does not disappoint as he reveals the very first Painted Eye Amber head, right as it came in the mail for approval. Facepaint artist Sherry Miller has done a spectacular job as you can see! Robert says that you could be expecting her as early as Summer.

For those who don’t know, Amber has been something of Ellowyne’s frienenemy for some time, as you can read on Ellowyne’s My Ennui page:

“Dr. Bantam smiled in approval and wanted to know more about the party, but I suspect she really wanted to know how Amber and I got along. We’ve been frienemy’s for so long – you just never know with Amber. One day she’s your best friend, and the next, well, that’s for another therapy session….”


A bit more on Amber, below is Amber Dark and Stormy currently available on Wilde.




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