Robert Shows Peggy Harcourt and tells the Inspiration Story of Precarious

Structure and Self-Expression – Precarious

There have been a lot of enthused responses to the 2012 Mainline so Robert wanted to give some thoughts about the directions he, Joe and the Design Team were going toward early 2012. Most interestingly he shares some of inspiration for the new line of Precarious, how Pat Henry of FDQ had recommended he go see the Museum at FIT exhibition of Daphne Guinness in New York and that Precarious fashion became woven out of something from the spirit of that exhibition, including an emphasis on structure. Precarious was born of an imagination of a woman “who is a socialite, uses fashion as self-expression and has the money to do it” as Robert puts it.

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Daphne Guinness Exhibition

It is always so interesting when artists let you in on the things that inspire them, and trigger a creation direction. If you’d like to see what sparked Robert’s imagination below is a bit on the exhibition which opened in September 2011 in Manhattan co-curated by Daphne Guinness herself and Valerie Steele. Click through to see the rest.

Daphne Guinness will reveal how Guinness, who is not only a serious collector of couture but also a creative force in her own right, uses fashion to transform herself. As her friend, art historian, John Richardson, puts it: “She’s the object of her own creativity.  Her persona is her own masterpiece.”

Although Guinness has inspired some of the world’s greatest couturiers – from Karl Lagerfeld to Valentino – she says that she is “not a muse,” but more like “a bee” flitting from one designer to another. This is proven by the array of designers whose work will be on display….continue

Peggy Harcourt Pre-Production is In

In up-to-the-minute news Robert shares a peek at the new Peggy Harcourt Wigged Basic Pre-Production which just came and in and looks great, which puts her arrival – barring anything unexpected – within 4 to 6 weeks. She’s looking good.

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  1. Robert..
    You have outdone yourself!!!!! Precarious is THE BEST yet. I’ve been hoping you would use this sculpt on the Antoinette body. Looking forward to seeing new additions to this line. PS Auntie Mame is my favorite movie!!!!! I was going to suggest you do outfits based on the movie. (With Rosalind Russell of course).

  2. Party Girl looks like a belle among the court ladies of Dune. Anything Goes is the definition of couture. Dazzling.

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