Original Betsy McCall Artwork and a Look at Robert’s Betsy Collection

As Robert tells it Betsy McCall was on the forefront of a change in doll aesthetics, a move from the chubby infant to a thinner young girl, and this importance is one of the reasons we’ve had the Betsy McCall license for almost 15 years now. In the above Robert shares some original Here Robert shows us his prized original paper doll art by Ginny Hoffman – from the 1970’s – paper doll series in McCalls magazine, as well as a quick look at the Betsy McCalls that are in his office display. Love it when Robert gives us all a glimpse in doll history and the collecting that inspires him.

It recalls for me when he explained the early influence of Barbie on as a collector (flashback), still one of my favorite Robert YouTubes:

2 responses to “Original Betsy McCall Artwork and a Look at Robert’s Betsy Collection

  1. Robert, love your ventage collection of Betsy McCall dolls! I have several of your dolls including two Betsy. I love the Betsy McCall paper dolls. I put them in my scrapbooks and display the dolls at shows. I am going to add the blushing bride Little Miss Revlon to my Tonner doll collection soon! I am a big fan of your dolls.

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