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Char of Doll Diaries  who we all have loved getting to know on Twitter #dollchat and through her vibrant doll blog was recently won over by our LittleMissMatched Girls. So much so she just posted this marvelous interview (an except below) with Jason Reilley and Robert Tonner, the designers of these amazing new Tonner Toys girls. Definitely read the interview, and get to know her as we do on Twitter where her doll handle is: @DollDiaries – great stuff happening in the doll conversation world.


A few months ago I discovered the Little MissMatched line of dolls by Tonner Toys. I immediately fell in love with their sunny little faces and unique sense of style. I purchased Uptown Girl, named her Emma and let her hang out above my desk. I was so impressed that the doll’s lead designer, Jason Reilley, took time to come here to our site, read your comments and add his insight that I thought it would be fun to find out a little more about what goes into designing dolls, how you can get into the industry and the inspiration behind the LMM line.

The following is an interview with Jason Reilley and Robert Tonner of the Tonner Doll company:

Doll Diaries: How long have you been designing dolls and how did you get started in the industry?

Jason: I have been designing toys for about 15 years. Dolls specifically for about two (I have played with dolls since early childhood and never stopped loving them). I lucked into the industry basically. I was working at a small toy company in 1995 called Just Toys, designing packaging which I loved. It was my first job in the Toy Industry and my boss at the time (Bill Goodwin) took a chance on me and hired me because of my passion for toys…


read the rest of the wonderful interview here: Interview with Designers of the LittleMissMatched Dolls from TonnerToys — Doll Diaries.

You can see where they can be bought by visiting the Tonner Toys website here

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