A Look at Dazzling Tyler and a Peek at Lizette Dionne of Wilde Imagination

Enjoy these two doll highlights from Robert this afternoon. First is Dazzling Tyler who can be found at TonnerDirect.com, looking great in her party dress. And the second is a forth-coming peek at Lizette Dionne of Wilde Imagination. Holiday greetings to all. A little appearance of “Kitty” in the foreground is always appreciated as well ;)

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Published on December 20, 2011 with 2 Comments


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  1. This Tyler is very aptly named, because she is truly dazzling. And I know Ellowyne fans champing at the bit for Lizette!

    Is Kitty a Maine Coon by any chance? I had one who, if he felt the attention was on something else, would eat that something else to make sure all eyes were on him.

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