A Sneak Peek at Tonner Doll’s Avatar figures!

Hey there folks!  Today we bring you a very exciting look at something we’ve all been chomping at the bit for:  Avatar!  *choir of angels bust out in song at the mere mention of it*

Jake was very recently approved, and Robert is over the moon with excitement about this line.  No release date or ship date yet, of course, but we’re probably looking at 2013.  If you remember, these big blue guys are going to be resin and approximately 22″ tall, so they are sure to be highly sought-after!

Here is a special video message from Robert, where he gives you a quckie peek at Jake from Avatar.  Take it away, Robert!

Stay tuned for more details 😀

3 responses to “A Sneak Peek at Tonner Doll’s Avatar figures!

  1. Wow that is cool! I love that movie!
    I wish a wish list of dolls
    A Native Amerian couple with terra cotta skin color and long raven black hair
    And a 22″ version of the girl also!
    Dolls from the Movie the Artist!

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