Our 20th Robert Tonner Anniversary Documentary – a Tonner Doll Preview


Our fantastic 20th Anniversary Tonner documentary was shown to our fans at our Halloween convention, and here we have uploaded for you a nice sized portion of it for those who want to get a feel for just what it is like. Enjoy this preview of a film we are very proud of. 20 years of Tonner.

20th Anniversary Tonner is a 46 minute documentary which celebrates the extraordinary accomplishments made by fashion designer and doll maker Robert Tonner. In just two short decades, he has taken the Robert Tonner Doll Company from a cottage industry to an internationally renowned company.

While the film examines Robert’s drive and motivation to become a doll maker, it also tracks the historical milestones of this company and explores the modern day and prototype work Robert and his creative employees perform each day.

We get an inside look, as the pattern makers and designers create new dolls, which include the many lines of fabulous fashion dolls and licensed movie and action figures.

Beautifully shot in High Definition video, this film was made by Academy Award nominated director Aaron Weisblatt for Ellenbogen Creative Media.

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