Wizard of Oz – 75th Anniversary – Tonner Doll Celebrates Oz

Wicked Witch of the West

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This year marks the 75th anniversary of the film Wizard of Oz.  It is not often that a movie makes it to Legendary Status, but this movie sure did.  I remember watching it as a kid and being SO scared of the Wicked Witch flying by the window of the house while it was in the tornado – and when the movie turned from black and white to color.   Amazing!

To celebrate the anniversary, Tonner Doll has produced some great dolls.

click to see our Glinda - 19" doll
click to see our Glinda – 19″ doll
Wicked Witch - 19" doll
click to see our Wicked Witch – 19″ doll









Some fun facts about the Wizard of Oz movie from IMDB:

The now famous song “Over the Rainbow” was almost cut from the movie, because execs thought it made the movie too long.

The Tin Man’s oil was really chocolate sauce. Real oil didn’t show up sufficiently on film.

The Wicked Witch’s crystal ball was previously used as a prop in The Mask of Fu Manchu, starring Boris Karloff.

(This is my favorite story)  When the wardrobe department was looking for a coat for Frank Morgan (Professor Marvel / The Wizard), they decided they wanted one that looked like it had once been elegant but had since “gone to seed”. They visited a second-hand store and purchased an entire rack of coats, from which Morgan, the head of the wardrobe department, and director Victor Fleming chose one they felt gave off the perfect appearance of “shabby gentility”. One day, while he was on set in the coat, Morgan idly turned out one of the pockets and discovered a label indicating that the coat had been made for L. Frank Baum. Mary Mayer, a unit publicist for the film, contacted the tailor and Baum’s widow, who both verified that the coat had at one time been owned by the author of the original “Wizard of Oz” books. After the filming was completed, the coat was presented to Mrs. Baum.

There is a great book out for the anniversary titled “The Wizard of Oz, The official 75th Anniversary Companion” by Jay Scarfone and William Stillman published by Harper Design.  There is a lot of great information about the making of the movie.

So watch the movie again – and celebrate the 75th anniversary of a great movie – The Wizard of Oz!

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  1. Going back in time with the “Wizard of Oz”, Mom was at the 1939 World’s Fair(which, if any of you made it to the one that they had in about the early sixties’-it was phenomenal-maybe it would help global peace-I believe that was one of the purposes of having all kinds of different countries come together and have their own building,styled like it would be in their homeland, with whatever displays they decided best showed what life in their country was like!)as a youngster, of course, and she vividly remembered seeing the Wizard of Oz for the first time and that’s where the changing to color for the first time ever was seen!,I think it changed to color when the house landed on the witch in Munchkinland! I don’t even think that tvs were out at that point, radios were how folks got their news, so to me, that makes it even a more stupendous achievement!

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